Mt's are issued in 12600 pieces. Every Mt's has its unique characteristics and rarity. Mt's will help you realize your social value, allowing you to gain fun and income from your social connections and behavior. Mt's wants to flip the NFT market with new form of energy. NFT shall not be the chips in the hand of the rich, at least that's not Mt's. Mt's owners help each other in a way that no one has ever done.

Ride the

Beyond the PFP

Call us 'mtier'

In order to promote Mt's influence and build solid relationship among members, Mt's has its unique incentive program, the Mtier Rank Program(MRP). The MRP will bring the Mt's communities strength more than any other communities do. All mtiers will be benefited from the MRP, emotionally and economically. Let the MRP carry Mt's to a brighter future, no doubt

The Distribution

Mint funds:

50.87% will go to Mtier Rank Program.

24.13% will be awarded to the CON LAB.

25% will be reserved as the Mt's Community Treasury.

The Distribution

Royalty income:

2.49% will be awarded to all users holding NFT and participating in the invitation.

3% will be awarded to the CON LAB.

4.45% will be reserved as the Mt’s Community Treasury.

Mtier Rank Program
Mt's Community Treasury
Proceeds from the Foundation will be used to reward users
For future use in developing new projects
In the future, Con Lab will develop more interesting games based on Mt's, and will also cooperate with more projects, holding vMt's can get more airdrops and other kinds of rewards.
Mt's DAO.
All users holding Mt's NFT are members of Mt's DAO. Mt's DAO members can vote in project decisions and can decide how to use bonuses and whether to acquire new NFTs. Mt's DAO will in future be involved and influence the development of Mt's NFT as the core decision maker.